How to Make a Booking


Please send us an email with your preferred date and course choice and number of students. We will send a junior student registration form  for our summer course in Ireland and book dates. Transportation to/from airport is included and there are no other costs for private bookings other than medical insurance which is mandatory. All students from EU countries must have their EU Medical Card and we need to see a copy (scan) to process your application.

We can provide an advance level placement test for anyone who requires one.  

Terms And Conditions.


Activities and Excursions


Due to weather, transportation problems and other scenarios outside of our control, EFL Ireland cannot guarantee all activity and excursions will take place as scheduled. In case of any cancellation or delay, we will re-schedule or make suitable substitute arrangements.


Bank charges

EFL Ireland is not liable for any charges incurred from your bank for processing payment. However, we recommend use of the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and swift (Also known as BIC) code, as these will greatly reduce bank fees.


All cancellations must be made in writing. The termination date will be the date on which EFL Ireland receives the notice of cancellation. The deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from the cancellation fees table outlined below.

A non-refundable deposit of €200 per student is required to secure booking.

Remainder is due three weeks before course start.

From 30 days to 16 days before scheduled arrival: 75% of full payment refunded

From 15 days to 6 days before scheduled arrival: 50% of full payment refunded

Less than 5 days to before scheduled arrival: 25% of full payment refunded


EFL Ireland cannot supply any refund when a student is absent for a sickness or any reason while attending the course. No tuition or accommodation fees are refundable if a participant arrives late or wishes to leave early from a course.



For minor issues we can make an appointment with a local doctor should a circumstance arise whereby you may require medical treatment during your stay. EFL Ireland will arrange for students to go straight to the hospital for major emergencies. Please inform us about any medical circumstance that we may need to be aware of such as serious allergies, pregnancy, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.



All students, leaders and their agents are strongly advised to take out full travel, health and baggage insurance in advance (Available with most airlines, banks and travel agents.). Our school has full standard liability insurance however students are not insured by EFL Ireland against illness, theft, damages or loss of personal effects while in Ireland and EFL Ireland accepts no responsibility in the event of such an incident. EU citizens and residents must also bring EU Health Cards which are available free from your local Health Service Authority - these cards will ensure free medical treatment in Ireland (please check with your local health service provider before leaving your country), including emergency prescriptions.



 All students, their parents, group leaders and their agents acknowledge that arrangements for accommodation, activities and excursions, transport, (including airport transfers) are made by EFL Ireland upon the express condition and understanding that we are not be liable for any accident, damage, delay, loss, injury or irregularity which may result either by reason of any fault in any means of transport or through the acts of default of any company or persons engaged in conveying the passenger, or in carrying out the arrangements of the course or activity/excursion schedule. EFL Ireland gives notice that no responsibility is accepted for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in any transport service, or any other disruptions due to any civil protests, industrial action, quarantine, weather or war.

EFL Ireland reserves the right to decline continued course enrollment and send home any person at any time without liability if that person engages in unlawful or hostile behavior. Junior students must obey class, school and home rules; We follow a three strike rule (one verbal, followed by two written warnings). Smaller offenses will result in discipline reports along with loss of privileges and activities. Major offenses (bullying and violence, stealing, shoplifting, vandalism) will result in immediate removal and police intervention where applicable.  Students with psychological conditions which affect ability to behave, follow instructions and rules and cooperate with groups cannot normally be accommodated.  Exceptions can be made sufficient with prior notice and doctor’s approval.


GDPR covers EU citizen junior students under the age of 12. Social media is used by many students attending and EFL Ireland, along with teachers, leaders and activity centres so everyone involved may appear anonymously in a photo or video which may be seen on an application, a website or in a newsletter, brochure, or any number of different social media accounts including, but not limited to Facebook, Instragram, Whatapps, Viber, Wechat, Snapchat, etc. When engaging with EFL Ireland activities, all teachers, hosts, parents, students, leaders and activity personal accept there is a high probability that photos and videos taken with ‘smart’ phones will be shared - often instantly - on-line by a variety of apps.  All images must be anonymous unless approved by the person in question (For example: name or account tagging). No personal identification will or should  ever be attached unless personally tagged from their own account. Should anyone request to have a picture removed, please email details and if possible, it will be removed. No identifying information about any student, group leader or teacher will ever be made available to a third party, unless by court order of a judge in a valid jurisdiction. However, it should be noted, we do not keep personal contact details of students after they depart.

We recommend that no one use identifying social media tags.



If you cannot attend your course due to a serious injury or family emergency, you may re-schedule it. You must inform EFL Ireland as soon as possible in writing of your new dates. EFL Ireland retains all fees already paid. A course may only be re-arranged once.


Registration and Payment Procedure


Once an application is approved and we receive the deposit of €200 we will send verification of your place on the course on an invoice for the balance of fees. The deposit is not an additional charge and is deducted from the total payment. The final payment must be made three weeks before the start of the course. Should the government impose a Cyprus-style confiscation of all bank accounts, all payments will be reduced by the corresponding amount.


Teacher's Absence

In the event of a teacher's sickness or inability to travel to work due to unforeseen circumstances, EFL Ireland will find a substitute.

Health, Vaccinations and Allergies

The HSE (Health Service Executive of Ireland) requests students visiting Ireland to have vaccinations against measles, mumps, rubella and all the other herd immunity nasties.

Agents and parents must notify the HSE prior to arrival if visitors are devoid of these vaccinations.

Our sincere apologies, our host homes are not equipped to facilitate students who suffer from life-threatening allergies. Students taking permanent prescription medication(s) must inform us at booking.


Visas & Visa Refusals

Students from EU countries, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and most Central and South American countries (Including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela) do not need a visa to enter Ireland. Students from other non-EU countries may need a visa and should check with the closest Irish embassy before travelling. EFL Ireland accepts no responsibility for visa decisions made by the Department of Justice. For students who require visas, you will need to apply for a visa as soon as you receive your placement confirmation. We will reimburse all prepaid money, except the deposit, on all visa refusals. A Copy of the certified verification of the visa refusal from the Embassy will be required.

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